Powerchute network shutdown v3.0.1 for mac os x

This issue has been resolved in v4. After a power outage has been resolved, PowerChute shuts down the Operating System every time it is started. This is a known issue that occurs when the Configuration Wizard is run again after the initial configuration for a Parallel UPS. If you run the Configuration Wizard again after the initial configuration you should re-start the PowerChute service.

Upgrade the firmware on the Network Management Card to the latest version, see downloads. To resolve the issue once it has started happening: 1. Temporarily remove the network cable from the PowerChute machine before powering it on this will prevent PowerChute from communicating with the NMC and triggering a shutdown. Power on your PowerChute machine. Upgrade the firmware on the NMC.

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The upgrade tool will automatically reboot the NMC during the upgrade process. Re-attach the network cable to the PowerChute machine and ensure communication is established with the NMC. When several actions are selected for the same event, and the actions all have the same delay time, some actions do not occur. Threading issues in Java occasionally cause the actions to interfere with each other.

Use different delay times for each action. The PowerChute user interface is not available immediately after restarting a service or daemon. The delay is caused by PowerChute carrying out background validations and checks. PowerChute does not allow you to log on again if you exit the Setup Wizard by closing the Web browser. A message is displayed that another user is already logged in. If you change an existing command file path for an event in the pcnsconfig.

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It does not restore the previous valid path from the pcnsconfig. PowerChute will then recognize the probe. Wait a few minutes. If you accidentally close the browser, re-start the PowerChute service or daemon. Open the User Interface and complete the Setup. For a no workaround. For b you need to restart the service or daemon.

If PowerChute is re-installed without having initially completed the Configuration Wizard, a user name and password are required to access it. When the PowerChute service or daemon starts, it validates the Pcnsconfig. PowerChute will report an this as an invalid value in the ini file. The event log does not record the On Battery event prior to this.

Log on using "apc" as the user name and password. It is recommended that you change the user name and password afterwards using the Configuration Wizard. No workaround. This occurs if a short format IPv6 address is entered in silentinstall. Re-start the service. Stop the PowerChute service. Re-start the Service. If the PowerChute web interface remains open and idle in any browser following a logout, a subsequent log in attempt will not be successful, even if the correct username and password are entered.

Close and re-open the affected web browser and access the PowerChute user interface. The user interface will display correctly. Use the short hostname in Mozilla Firefox to load PowerChute the web interface. Following an idle period, the log in process will take two attempts to be successful. Enter your username and password for a second time to log in successfully.

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There are two possible solutions: 1. See the Product Center. The start menu item for PowerChute will launch using the desktop version of IE for these operating systems. This issue only occurs if there is no DNS server configured for the network card. On a private network using a static IP address, use to load the PowerChute web interface. There is no functional impact caused by this issue. This issue occurs when PowerChute is configured to use IPv6, when PowerChute is installed on a vma and the vma is restarted following configuration.

Known s There is no loss of communications with the NMC and this issue does impact the functionality of the vma in any way. There is no workaround to this issue. This issue may cause a slight delay in starting the shutdown sequence, as PowerChute checks if the target ESXi hosts are available in the inventory. Hostlist key is not removed from HostConfigSettings section in the pcnsconfig.

Clicking on the Export button on the Event Log page does not save a copy of the Event Log on the local machine. You can ignore the second instance of "On Battery" in this logged event. Disable the option "Do not save encrypted pages to disk". For more information see. Different UPS devices can have different configurable events. After the PowerChute service or daemon start, PowerChute does not log the communications established event for a Parallel system until all of the NMCs are in communication with PowerChute. Restart the PowerChute service to display the correct list of events.

Windows Known s Command files do not run properly when called by PowerChute. The command file stops before all of the statements have executed. The command file must use command to run executable programs, and use the full path name of the program. Path names that include spaces must be enclosed in quotes. Arguments for the executable must be outside the quotes.

Each system using PowerChute must have a permanent IP address. After a graceful shutdown by PowerChute, the server does not turn on when utility power is restored. PowerChute is configured to shut down the operating system when the UPS has been on battery for a specific time.

With a utility power outage, causing the on-battery event, PowerChute commands the operating system to shut down gracefully. Because ACPI power management is controlled by the operating system rather than by the BIOS, when the operating system completes its graceful shutdown, it commands the server to turn off. The UPS remains on battery until its shutdown delay time has expired. When utility power is restored, the UPS provides power; the server does not turn on. At this time, there are no updates available for this issue. Check Windows Update for the latest updates and service packs for your operating system.


VMware Known s If VM shutdown is enabled but the duration value is set to 0 seconds the shutdown sequence will not proceed. When there are multiple vapps in different clusters, PowerChute may log events for vapps that are not running on the VMware Hosts being protected. Set a non-zero value for VM shutdown duration. PowerChute does not perform any operations on these vapps.

The following error message is displayed: "Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate. Solaris When configuring the "Notify User" option in PowerChute, if a Single User is chosen, the user does not receive the notification.

Specify All Users when configuring the "Notify User" option. This can occur when trying to access through a Web browser or when using the Connected Servers page on another PowerChute interface. Alternatively, you can move all the A permission-denied error message for the file libjvm. This occurs due to a bug in SELinux. Copyright Schneider Electric. All rights reserved J.

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4. Installing and Configuring vcloud Connector vcloud Connector 2. Configuration wizard launches when PowerChute is first installed. Select proper network settings. Select IP address that will. WatchGuard Dimension v1. VMware vcenter. OnCommand Performance Manager 1. WatchGuard SSL v3. List of Events This section lists all events that are written to the Event Log.

Some of these events can be configured through the Configuring Events to Take Actions page, and these are listed in the first. ESXi 4. To check for more recent. If you are installing.

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    VMware Identity Manager Connector Installation and Configuration VMware Identity Manager This document supports the version of each product listed and supports all subsequent versions until the document. To check for more recent editions of this document,. Receiver Updater for Windows 4. Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Version 7.

    All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. No part of this publication may. Eaton NetWatch v5. Rather than publicly open Microlink, they have created another protocol to operate along side it.

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    See [2]. Certain older models are not upgradeable. See the apcupsd manual[3] for information on setting up apcupsd. This is useful in order to "lock" apcupsd to a specific UPS if you have more than one connected to the server. Documentation includes information on how to hook them in. Same feature set as apctray on Windows monitor multiple instances, get detailed status and events logs. Popup notifications delivered via Growl, if available. Includes many visual and usability improvements to match OS X version. Tested on QNX 6. This complements existing hibernate aka killpower functionality. See ChangeLog for details.

    There is little reason for it since apctest is a command-line tool, not a daemon. Plus nothing ever deletes the file so it interferes with apcupsd operation. Improvements include reliable dependencies, support for parallel make, elimination of Makefile.

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    The configure script checks for this and tells you how to invokve it on some platforms it is 'gmake' instead of 'make'. The version previously included in apcupsd was old and likely had security issues. It is safer to use libgd from the target system. Therefore, your system must provide libgd if you choose to build cgi now.

    Generally this is easy to achieve by installing a vendor-supplied package. At this point the maintenance burden of keeping NLS support building was deemed too high considering the small benefit it was able to provide. It has been broken for the last several releases because it relied on an untrushworthy source of UPS status rawupsstats which was itself removed. Powerflute could be converted to use the standard NIS status mechanism and its source code remains in the tree in case someone has the desire to contribute this code.

    This directive specifies the number of seconds to delay between polling the UPS for status. Reported by Kirill S. For some reason this blatantly incorrect file actually works on RHEL5 hal Debian is now using the standard NIS port, The file is automatically removed when apcupsd is uninstalled. Vista does not allow background services to interact with the user's desktop, so winapcupsd's built-in tray icon did not work.