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Finally, right-click the finished app and pin it to the taskbar. Note: Apparently "--show-app-list" is a command line flag, so there's no guarantee that Google will keep it available indefinitely. I use the launcher very actively, actually. It's going to be hard for me to find an alternative. I multiple profiles in chrome for working on different things, and maintaining multiple accounts on the same website.

And as someone who values his privacy, I'm not thrilled at the idea that I can't select profiles from the app launcher before starting chrome, as I don't want my private profile launching if that was the last profile I used. Have you come across anything else that could make a useful replacement yet? There are definitely going to be a large number of people affected by the removal - I guess Google believe there are other ways of completing the same task.

Might take a little work, but a DIY alternative might be out there.

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Great article Gavin! I hardly ever use App Launcher so I'm indifferent to it. It is redundant because everything you can do with it, you can do elsewhere already. For example, my home page is Gmail; it stays as a pinned tab on all devices, and the Google Apps drop-down is there too top-right.

It is also my search medium and my communications central. With a Google Voice phone number, it's my phone lower left-column that I make and receive calls from, as well as texts all free , and I do not use nor recommend Hangouts.

Accidentally removed the Chrome App Launcher? Here’s how to get it back

In the top search bar not Omnibox , I can search my emails as well as my entire synced G-Drive content. I search the open web from the Omnibox and alt-enter so it opens in a new tap, keeping Gmail there always. See also:. And since I'm replacing it with Linux Mint 18 stable version due this Summer , its days are numbered. I launch all my programs or apps, either from the bottom task bar, or inside the browser itself, via new tab.

One can experiment with many currently available, and once the launcher is officially gone in July, people will be making new ones so check back in the Fall. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search: "new tab apps" as well as "shortcuts for Google" and from there, you will have many options. However, the default new tab in Chrome Browser will open with the bookmark bar at the top: Right-click the bar and then click to check "show apps shortcut" which is what has already replaced the App Launcher except on a Chromebook.

Anything that can be opened in a Chrome Browser window, especially on your hard drive or USB or SD, etc , can also be saved as a bookmark; when its opened, click the star right-end of Omnibox and just bookmark it! Create folders when you get too much: right-click bookmark bar and select Add Folder! Name your first Folder "Apps" and yep, keep them there too!

I never understand why people have to insist just because THEY have some other way they prefer to do things that everyone else must be wrong and should be happy to be forced into the same workflow. If you had read the bold text at the end of the article, it asks for input. Nevertheless, no one here insisted that you follow their tips or advice: No one here claimed that your way was wrong: No one here expected you to be happy with anything: No one! Understand now? Holy crap, angry much? My comment was a reply to a specific comment.

Thanks, Paul. You've made some nice suggestions as to how other readers can potentially escape some irritation when the App Launcher is removed in July. It does seem though that more people will be affected by its loss than I accounted for. Both nice - but neither have the same taskbar functionality of the App Launcher. However, the latter seems to be pretty easy to customize, which could be quite handy. Obviously the author knows how to use an apostrophe, but sometimes typos slip through the editing process. There's no need to be rude about it.

Please consider being more polite in the future. Yes, I am aware of how to apostrophe good, but as my colleague correctly asserts, one has slipped through MUO editorial net into the world.

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I'm sorry it has offended you so. I'm sorry, but I've become so accustomed to Gawker Networks' utter lack of proofreading, that a stupid typo can take me completely out of the flow of an article. It's like listening to a piece of music, when suddenly a car horn blasts you in the face Spellcheck, which is essential, isn't nearly good enough to catch grammatical errors such as subject-verb agreement, e. It also doesn't catch correctly-spelled words that are improperly used such as "its" vs. It seems that each day more and more people, especially those that should know better like journalists and writers, let spellcheck be the final arbiter of their writing.

Whatever happened to checking over what you just wrote?

Remove app from launcher - Macbook Air - Apple Community

I'm finding that more and more people don't even care. It's like they were asleep in English class throughout school, and think that because they get a paycheck out of it, that they're a "journalist. There is an awesome little free extension for Chrome called "Grammarly" which does more of a grammar check than just a spell check, and it checks almost everything you type It's very handy.

I won't use Chrome - its extension system is way too weak, and Firefox's seems to be headed that way when the time comes, I'm switching to PaleMoon - but my boss whose spelling is atrocious loves Grammarly.

Will I still be able to do this? Actually, Henry, I haven't the faintest. I would imagine as you're using manually created shortcuts rather than the Launcher, you should be fine.

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I get the need to cut things with low usage, but this just makes no sense to me. Seems like a nominal effort to maintain and enhances my usage of Chrome Apps quite a bit. Guessing the whole thing gets blown up probably and Play Store swallows Chrome Apps. After google installed this on my computer bundeed wih chrome I got used to using it and I liked it.

How can google remove this from my computer?

How to completely remove uninstall delete Google Chrome browser app from Mac launchpad?

Does google do anything it wants on my installs? Don't I have to agree to any change made to my PC? If ti was not connected to the Internet, google coud not change anything. I think that removing this from my PC is an abuse. The removal did not come with a browser update. How can it be??? Top Deals. Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. I installed a few apk files for applications and now the icons won't go away from the Launchpad on my Mac. This isn't exactly my area of expertise, but Chrome is automatically installing icons for apps any Chrome apps you have installed through it.

If you do not remove the apps from Chrome first, the launch pad icons may get recreated the next time you start the browser. Learn more about Teams. Ask Question. Is there a file, database or some other location where these are stored? Peter O.

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