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Since my involvement is different, I need different information on the Project List widget in the dashboards. But, if you change the column list on the widget on one dashboard it is modified for all of them.

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I don't like that at all. Avantages: Celoxis meets expectations for project management in the software delivery industry. We are able to leverage Celoxis globally to track our implementation projects. Celoxis has a great reporting structure and flexibility in creating your own custom fields. When the tool does not have the exact feature I need, I have been able to work with Celoxis training to find an out of the box solution or submit a feature request with surprising success in having them delivered. Celoxis often has more functionality than my teams are ready to adopt and I find that the operational issues have more to do with people and process not tool.

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I especially like the flexibility of the client log in feature and the customization of what each person can see in their own dashboards. I really love that it can serve as the one central repository for project updates. We have been using Celoxis for a little over three years and are quite happy with it. Within a few months it will be our global standard. Celoxis is also real time data so there is no back button if you delete something or the ability to restore a previous version. Since I am using this tool globally I would like to see more workspace segmented admin features to control what is seen by each region throughout all reports and tasks.

Additionally, we have had to perform a few workarounds to get full billable and non-billable resource load charts in the tool. Since many people go to outlook to see if a resource is available, the current Celoxis Outlook integration a separate calendar is not sufficient for blocking off the resource from being scheduled for other things.

I suggest the following improvements - Direct Outlook Calendar integration that blocks off scheduled time so people in the business can see that the resource is not available and actively working on a project.

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Provenance de l'utilisateur. Celoxis is a robust platform with a stellar support team. I think for other users who are using it for design, and business marketing it would be a phenomenal program and the price is very affordable even if you are a small company. Monday might be what you need to get your productivity up to become an even bigger company.

Avantages: I liked how Monday.

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It does take some getting used to for me it was easy to get used to because I am more of a computer person and have had many different experiences with a lot of different programs. Everyone else on my team is the complete opposite, however because of Monday. Aside from the design I did love that there were different calendar views like Kanban view and the map view especially. The other things I loved was the forms integration, which made it easy to transfer our clients over from one program to another. As they came in they filled out the short form and were integrated into the calendar pretty easily.

Lastly I loved the status column. I was going to use it to check in clients. Red for when they arrived to their appointments, Yellow for when they were waiting and Green for when they were done and waiting on their transportation back home. For one we are a mental health therapy center and we do A LOT of scheduling. While there is a template to schedule clients. It is more so for a few clients and not hundreds. We have multiple therapists and may want to view their appointments sometimes together and sometimes separately and Monday started to get somewhat bulky when trying to do this.

We tried doing multiple boards for each therapist and then we tried doing each board as a day of the week and in the end we had too many boards and it was still and either you view this person or that person but not both. On top of that we also schedule activities with clients and that would have been a whole separate view as well.

The last thing that we needed was to make recurring appointments for clients that are seen every Tuesday or for ones that are seen every other Thursday etc. This task was extremely bulky and involved using a 3rd party service. Commentaires: We desperately needed an easy to use, easy to update project management tool in our App Development company.

The Sales Dept. Now, the Sales Dept. No wasted time e-mailing or returning phone calls. Also, the Tech Dept. It has also helped us streamline processes for each Dept. The whole entire sales process can be mapped out with every step start to finish, with the final step being customer survey sent.

You never forget to do any step any more! You can also customize your responses for each step along the way such as "Done" or "In Progress" or "Waiting For Client", etc. The customer service with monday. That's a big deal to me. I don't want to hunt and peck around the internet trying to find chat groups or how to contact support. When you ask a question you get a response within a short period of time. The software is pretty intuitive but there are support tools to learn tips and tricks.

Avantages: Easy to use, very intuitive. Customizable to your projects and company. You can easily monitor step by step processes in however many Departments you have in your company. I like that its now an app that can live in my button dock. One click and its open.