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Posted 1 day ago — By Lucas Coll. Dell is having a great sale on the XPS Posted 1 day ago — By Karen Tumbokon. Computing Alright, Apple. The penalty comes just a day after British Airways was hit with an even bigger fine for a similar transgression.

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Macs tend to command higher prices than Windows-based PCs, and while many PC companies have seen their market share slide, Apple's has been rising. Intel, which was late to mobile, has seen its core PC market shrink.

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It's managed to win new business with Apple, supplying 4G chips for some iPhones. But as Intel expands in mobile, its phone rivals have been encroaching on laptops. Apple, too, has been expanding into the components market.

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By building its own chips, Apple is able to better control the features it releases, as well as its timeline for introducing new devices. The company has used Intel chips in its computers for over a decade, when it moved away from its previous partner, IBM. That decision changed the PC industry and helped Intel become the world's dominant computer chip maker.

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Apple's new effort is code-named Kalamata, according to Bloomberg. It's part of Apple's push to make its devices work together better, the publication said. First published April 2, a.

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Update, a. My personal take is that this might be fine for some phone and tablet buyers, but would leave laptop and desktop customers dissatisfied. Though there are reasons to like and perhaps even prefer this scenario, I suspect Apple would prefer not to go down that path. My belief is that Apple understands this and will come prepared with a top-of-line Mac chip that is considerably brawnier than anything it currently makes.

Absent this choice, the company would feel pressured to keep updating each Mac annually, just as it refreshes iPhones and iPads. Doing this would also enable Apple to use separate marketing strategies on two separate chip lines for somewhat different audiences.

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With A-series chips, it could continue its lifestyle marketing, while specs and raw performance could be the focus for Z-series or pick your favorite letter chips:. And in , if Apple makes its expected move from its current 7-nanometer chipmaking process down to 5 nanometers, it could open up a legitimate performance gap that Intel — currently struggling with the to nanometer transition — will struggle to match.

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For the time being, an obvious way for Apple to create a professional desktop-worthy processor would be to develop a larger chip with more processing cores and faster speeds, offset by active cooling. Imagine what they could do with the fan inside a MacBook Pro.

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