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When Linus Torvalds designed the Linux kernel he opted for what is referred to as a monolithic kernel for performance reasons, as opposed the microkernel, which is designed for more flexibility. Mac OS X uses a kernel design that compromises between these two architectures.

Mac OS vs Linux - Which is better for you?

Linux, however, remains the dominant server operating system. Share Pin Email. A software developer, data scientist, and a fan of the Linux operating system. Continue Reading.

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Concentrating on it gives them the most bang for their efforts. With a large number of Windows-based personal computers on the market, hackers historically have targeted these systems the most. If the most popular OS is always going to be the biggest target, then can using a less popular option ensure security?

You probably knew this from the beginning: The clear consensus among experts is that Linux is the most secure operating system. And if you did decide that Linux was the way to go, you would still have to decide which distribution of the Linux system to choose, and things get a bit more complicated there.

5 Things Linux Does Better Than Mac OS X

Users are going to want a UI that seems familiar, and you are going to want the most secure OS. Linux distros that target security as a primary feature include Parrot Linux , a Debian-based distro that Moore says provides numerous security-related tools right out of the box. Of course, an important differentiator is that Linux is open source. Anyone can review it and make sure there are no bugs or back doors. Linux code is reviewed by the tech community, which lends itself to security: By having that much oversight, there are fewer vulnerabilities, bugs and threats.

Why Developers Should NOT Use MacBook Pro

That had a lot to do with why PC World came right out and said Linux is more secure. Security can only benefit through all those extra eyeballs. Noyes also noted that the diversity possible within Linux environments is a better hedge against attacks than the typical Windows monoculture: There are simply a lot of different distributions of Linux available. And some of them are differentiated in ways that specifically address security concerns. Inertia is a powerful force. Although there is clear consensus that Linux is the safest choice for the desktop, there has been no stampede to dump Windows and Mac machines in favor of it.

In other words, if enough users switch to Linux on the desktop, Windows and Mac PCs are very likely to become more secure platforms.

OS X versus Linux: Which is more practical? | InfoWorld

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