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The latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, hit in August and packs in a new load of dungeons, with a raised level cap for experienced players, and an option to 'boost' your level for newer ones wanting a more level playing field. You can download the game for free on the official website. Planetside 2 is a first person shooter on a massive scale.

If you're not interested in the kind of granular play offered by games like Black Desert Online, then this game's focus on all out war against other players might appeal to you. The game revolves around three factions in a constant state of war. Players will choose their faction and then spend their time attacking and defending bases on a huge map to remain ahead of the competition. One day you could be on the attack, the next you could be desperately defending. Either way you're always fighting.

Planetside 2 is now five years old and though it doesn't have quite the same popularity or playerbase as it once did, it offers something a little different to the rest of the MMOs on this list. You can get going for free on the official site. Rather than a sprawling world with endless choice, Secret World Legends is an MMO which places a lot of focus on storytelling. If you're tired out by the usual high fantasy and space fare, this is a game which is set in a world very close to our own. Well, kind of. It's our world if cults, mythological creatures, crazy conspiracies and supernatural phenomenons were commonplace.

There's more than hours of story to enjoy here and players are able to explore locations all over the world and take part in a range of missions to unlock the mysteries of the world.

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While it's possible to play through the story on your own, you can also team up with others and adventure with players from across the world. You can start your story via the official website or on Steam.


What's the payment structure? You can download the base game for free and then each expansion is buy-to-play. If you're looking for player-versus-player combat then you should definitely give Guild Wars 2 some of your time. Whether you like fighting other players in contained structured modes or you'd be interested in fighting against hundreds across sprawling maps in World-versus-World mode, Guild Wars has you covered.

For those that don't enjoy the grinding that's traditionally involved in MMOs then guild Wars 2 will also appeal — this is an accessible game and it doesn't try to copy World of Warcraft. The game's world is dynamic and player decisions have real consequences which promises a story that feels individual. You can download the game and purchase expansions on the official site. What's the payment model? Free-to-play, with purchasable DLC and optional subscription. Sure, Frodo's adventure was thrilling, but we all know we could have one equally as exciting if we had the chance.

You get to choose between being a Human, Elf, Dwarf or Hobbit before you drop into Middle-earth and explore the locations you know and love with an intimacy that no other Lord of the Rings game has allowed. You can expect to find the usual World of Warcraft style of questing here, alongside crafting mechanics and the ability to purchase and set up a home. Though the game is free-to-play, there are expansions available for purchase which add to the game's story and introduce new items and mechanics.

Even better for Tolkien fans: the storylines follow in line with the books. You can fine the base game for free on the official site or Steam. It's been a while since the last mainline Elder Scrolls release and we're pretty sure it'll be a while until the next one so if you're a fan looking to breathe fresh life into Tamriel, Elder Scrolls Online is an excellent option. Like Final Fantasy 14, this is a game that struggled initially. But since dropping its subscription fees for a buy-to-play model, perception has dramatically improved.

Despite being one of the most modern and recent MMOs to hit the market, Elder Scrolls Online has really picked up traction, which is undoubtedly helped by being in a recognizable universe that many wish to return to. Free-to-play but can pay monthly membership for more items, character customization, quests and game world access. Membership will also include mobile game access when it's launched. Like World of Warcraft, Runescape is one of those names that's renowned in the MMO world, partly because it's one of the oldest games in the genre still going. And yet, with its user base managing to double in , it's still very much alive and kicking.

Savage 2 [No Longer Available]

Originally a browser-only game, over the years Runescape has expanded into its own program with vastly improved visuals and mechanics. At its heart, though, it remains a game that's dedicated to giving players freedom in combat and questing. It's perhaps for this reason that it remains one of the most popular and updated games in the MMO genre. You can start playing via the official Runescape site. Black Desert Online certainly isn't one of the more accessible games on this list, but it's one that you may find it worth investing some time into. As a Korean MMO it does place a heavy emphasis on grinding, but for anyone looking for in-depth profession and crafting systems it's a contender.

More than many other MMOs, this is one that will try to draw you into a second life.

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It also has one of the most robust character creation systems in the genre. This is a game that has something to engage with on big and small scales. Want to fish and farm? You can do that. But you can also take part in guild wars and sieges past a certain level. Don't expect a vast story here — this is very much a sandbox game where you craft your own story and adventure.

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Browser-based trading game where players all start equal and have to sell to and buy from, each other to become the richest within a given timeframe. Closed December 12, The game is set in the Caribbean in and combines tactical ship and swashbuckling combat with a player-driven economy. Players choose from dozens of character classes to level. Endgame activities focus on acquiring better equipment, hunting boss monsters MvPs , PvP and large weekly guild vs. Players join a realm in a fight against 2 other realms. Other than PvP, players can capture forts and castles. Set in a distant planet where magic and technology co-exist, emphasizes a 3-way race vs.

Massively-multiplayer online real time strategy game set in Sengoku period. Set in the world of Xen, players complete quests and customize characters using branching job trees.

The best MMO games 12222: live a second life on console and PC

Windows , OS X. Sci-Fi , Action. A number of licensees provide the game free to play. Usually one can buy characters starting out at higher levels. Tolkien 's fantasy world Middle-earth , based on The Lord of the Rings. Players interact in a virtual world set roughly in Classical antiquity at the time of the Roman Empire.

Closed January Plarium Games [1]. Set in the 17th century and features accurate historical representations of several coastal cities. Free to play with optional subscription options for faster game progression and some in-game perks. Clothing, vehicles and weapons available for purchase with secondary in-game currency purchased with real money. Play as criminal "Crim" or vigilante "Enforcer" in the fictional city of San Paro. Team- and mission-based Player versus player. Disney and New Horizon Interactive. Free or premium paid accounts available, premium accounts allow purchasing items and customization for the avatar and the avatar's living quarters.

Closed March 29, Free to play with optional monthly subscription options for extra content; special items available for purchase with secondary in-game currency purchased with real money. SOE San Diego. Crotch Zombie Productions. Multiplayer browser game , Strategy. Fantasy MMO Adventure game. Free to play with optional monthly subscription for extra content; special items available for purchase with secondary in-game currency purchased with real money. Closed March 3, Windows , Third party Mac support. Free-play available but payment options such as purchasing "Digos".

Digos include premium avatars, in-game wings of several types and other customizable features. Players may purchase 'Silver Sponsorships', which provide a number of game-enhancing abilities and features. Community-centric chat and Fantasy Role-Play based Anthropomorphic game with user-created content. Smart Bomb Interactive.

Free or premium paid accounts available, premium accounts can access more animals and adventures, also purchasing more items. Science-fiction strategy. Advertising-based free-to-play version.

Top 10 Best Free to Play MMORPG Game 2014 for Pc - free online

Paid subscriptions and premium benefits are also available. Windows , Mac OS. Players create their own pirate, do quests, interact with others, follow a similar storyline from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Futuristic massively multiplayer online first-person shooter. Windows , Mac OS , Linux. Some servers require a monthly subscription to play on, while others are free but require micro-transactions for some items.

Note that even the monthly subscription servers can be paid for via micro-transactions, without direct cash payment. Play without a paid subscription up to level Storm Legion souls and some game features require subscription or purchase through in game shop. Takes place in the world of Telara. Players' characters of either the noble Guardians or techno-magical Defiants defend their world from the invading elemental planes in non-instanced Rifts. Medieval fantasy. Free play or paid accounts available, paid accounts have access to many more skills, areas, weapons and quests.

Additional ingame benefits are available through microtransactions. Free to play. A paid subscription is necessary for character advancement beyond a certain level. Open-world MMOG block-building space flight simulator game. Command a squad of up to 12 air or ground units in faction vs. Engage in space exploration, ship-to-ship combat, trade and galactic conquest to claim the seat of Emperor. Engage in Planet exploration, ship-to-ship combat, trade and questing with up to six different classes and sub classes empire or republic and several races to choose from.

Windows , Linux , Browser-based Flash. Character development based on killing monsters and optionally doing quests and fighting other players. Walt Disney Internet Group. Completed Toontasks to earn weapon upgrades such as cakes and water squirters. Closed September 19, KingsIsle Entertainment.