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Both have that same meaning in Webster's dictionary. As for the whole PC thing, Noah is correct, but a bit anal. It used to bother me when people would call their computer a CPU. At first I would kindly inform them of what a CPU is, but after a while I got to realize that they will not change. So I stopped. No sense in wasting my time. Because I can type properly and spell correctly, and I have good grammar? I believe you have very little concept on what the definition of "dumb" is. So for the fluid thinkers who understand words can have many levels of meaning and that casually "PC" does carry the meaning - "windows based personal computer s ".

It is highly recognizable in our US culture, like it is repeatedly stated in "Hi I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" commercials - which Microsoft unfortunately perpetuated with their counter commercials. Oh, and it is worth repeating that the handle "Noah" for commenters on "Make Use Of" now carries the meaning "He with a PC stick up his butt". For those who firmly hold onto the belief that grammar is more important than communication and expression, you should check what you are really hanging onto with such a firm grip. My guess is it's the same proverbial stick that's up your asses.

You don't even have a face on your avatar and I'm the fool? Take your cartoon head and shove it next to that stick you have up you bum. Because Noah is a loser with no life and has nothing to add to this link and bla bla bla Holy crap you two are lame. And to Dead End, I've not seen anything like this myself, but I've not looked. Yes I would, because it's not a xerox. I wouldn't be confused, I would be stating the truth. Why would it confuse me?

The only thing that confuses me is why you are trying to pick a fight, when you can not type correctly, nor make your point in a clear way.

Mac Website Builder: Sandvox makes web sites and publishing easy

I noticed that after i hit send and felt like an ass after correcting you. But offense is spelled with an "S", not a "c" in English. You can have the last word. He said PC, and by that, he means Windows, so I was correcting him. Just like now, I'm correcting you :. Would you correct someone if they said they were going to xerox something for you make a copy when the machine was a lexmark?

Steps: drag, drop, publish.

Sorry to correct you. You mean for Windows, not a "PC". PC means personal computer. And that it is commonly used to denote a Windows OS based computer? And that if someone meant Mac or Linux they would say Mac or Linux? Id say yes to all these questions. My mother would get most of them right I bet.

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Well maybe not my mother but still. Just sayin There are several good web building application for Windows like Dreamweaver powerful but not free , MS Frontpage not as powerful as Dreamweaver, and I don't know the last status of this app , Kompozer free, powerful, but a little outdated and IMHO not really user friendly.

But as far as I know, there's no free, quick and easy solution to web building for Windows. But I might be wrong here.

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