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Ask Question. Is there any simple way to change the keybinding, or do I have to chose another version? Jakub Arnold Jakub Arnold Use the following, setq mac-option-modifier 'super setq mac-command-modifier 'meta. Hamza Yerlikaya Hamza Yerlikaya This is useful, but Antti's Honkela's answer has the advantage of preserving the default option key behavior of OS X which is useful for inputting certain important characters, at least on some non-US keyboard. Antti Honkela Antti Honkela 2 2 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges.

Emacs on Mac OSX

Electric Coffee Electric Coffee 5, 2 2 gold badges 42 42 silver badges bronze badges. Do you happen to know how to make these permanent?

Control and Command keys

The problem I have is that every time after restarting Emacs I have to evaluate this command. I mean it is in my. Thank you. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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Popular Mac keyboard shortcuts are available though e. Command-O for opening a file ; these are mapped to the Super modifier i. In addition to that, they typically include recent versions of popular packages. Available from the GNU Savannah emacs page.

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When the build is complete, you should see Emacs. Simply copy it to your applications folder and open it to run. AquamacsEmacs can be built via build script or manually. The source is available from a Git repository. Then, do:. Changes to any lisp files directly in the. Detailed build instructions are available on BuildingAquamacs. REPO files.

Mac / GNUstep Basics - GNU Emacs Manual

The basic build and installation of the X11 Emacs application uses the commands:. The basic build and installation of the carbon Emacs application uses the commands:. Note: Carbon emacs has been replaced with Cocoa Emacs in Emacs This is why the option --enable-carbon-app is no longer recognised by configure.

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Homebrew has Emacs This creates a symlink and not an alias. So Spotlight may not find it tested on macOS Sierra After installation, using the emacs command in the terminal or shell will run the -nw version of Emacs. If you want to run the Cocoa version using this command, you simply add a line to your. To instead use the emacs-plus version, which is like regular homebrew emacs but with some configuration options enabled,. To instead use the Yamamoto Mitsuharu version of Emacs See Available Ports for the current list.

The various emacs packages MacPorts offers e. Read up on iTerm2 if you want to spend most of your time in ssh using emacs rather than the GUI.

How to learn Emacs

As above but for when Emacs. For example, change control programs like git and svn will call emacs to edit your description of a change. Create an app that runs a shell script that runs Emacs. In the new shell script, delete the text and replace it with:. The --login option gives emacs the same environment as an interactive Terminal. In particular, it gives emacs your usual PATH environment variable, so you can run commands in emacs the same as commands in Terminal. An alternative to --login is -i, which sets the environment differently, as described in the Bash reference manual.

If you followed above guide, and registered the app to the dock, and clicked it, it will actually create another icon in the dock for the running Emacs application. After that, if you click the original app icon, it will not create another running app in the Dock, but the Automator might spin infinitely, as you already have it as in the second app icon. Above script is tested in Aquamacs, but it may work with Emacs. What it does, if you click the original App Icon twice, it will just give the focus to the Emacs Aquamacs , and if you drag a file to it, it will call emacsclient to transfer it to the Emacs process.

If there is no Emacs process, it will create it. For Terminal. If you want to use Option key for both international characters and Meta key in Emacs, see this page for iTerm 0. I keep some notes and some Lisp functions for calling AppleScript from Emacs in my advogato. The OS X Terminal. In shell-mode, the [C-up] and [C-down] key-bindings do not work as expected to browse the history ring.

The problem is that Terminal. To fix this behavior, open Terminal. Example to bind the mac-right-option-modifier to 'none so you can still use it to write accents :. If you ever happen to use any other application on your Mac … You can also set up additional keybindings as described in this document. M-x save-buffers and M-x isearch gets to be a pain.