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If the file being used contains multiple sheets, the Select Database Table dialog box appears. Select the sheet that you wish to use. Depending on the selected barcode protocol, the data may not be displayed.

How to Create Address Labels from Excel on PC or Mac

If the barcode cannot be displayed, any of the following may be the cause :. Not your product? Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. How to use Excel data to print labels P-touch Editor 5.

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Check the "Connect as read-only" box and then click the "Next" button. The database appears. The data does not include the specified number of digits.

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The check digit calculation is incorrect. Check the data or change the barcode protocol. For details on selecting a record range, refer to the following table. Current Record Print the current record. There basically two ways to print labels from Excel: using Word, and not using Word. The instructions for using Word to print labels with data from an Excel spreadsheet seem a little more complicated to the average new user, but the steps are simple and can be learned by anyone, especially with the assistance of a course designed to teach the basics of Excel to users of all skill levels.

One of the ways in which you can print labels from Excel is by using a Word mail merge. By using Word to create a mail merge, and linking this to an Excel list, you can turn data from your worksheet, namely the names and addresses of your customers, into printable labels for mailing. To do this, begin by setting up the data in Excel that you wish to use in the mail merge.

Word 2011 for Mac: Making Labels by Merging from Excel

Then, save and close the workbook. Here you can select the document type, so for mailing labels, you would want to select Labels first, and then under Label Options you can choose the kind of labels you wish to print, including their specific type and size. At this point you can choose the saved Excel workbook that contains the relevant data.

Find and click on your list in the Select Table dialog box.

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Click OK. You will see a place in the Mail Merge Recipients Dialog Box where you can click on any column labels from your worksheet that correspond with the Word identifiers also shown. This step makes it easier to insert your data into the documents. You can also choose Edit Recipient List and select the recipients you wish to include if you are including only certain recipients in your mail merge. The rest of the process is simple as the Wizard walks you through each step, including adding recipient information, previewing, personalizing, saving, and printing or emailing the documents.

There is an option in the Wizard for editing the list; use this if you need to make changes.

How To Create Labels - Mac Version

And Word itself has many more features than most casual users realize. To master Microsoft Word, there are excellent available courses that teach you all about the program, such as Microsoft Word Tutorial. It is also possible to create labels in Excel without using Word, although most users find that they prefer the Word method once they become familiar with the process.

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  5. Create and print mailing labels for an address list in Excel?
  6. If, for some reason, you need to print labels straight from Excel without using Word, you can accomplish this by following these steps. Although Word offers more features and a slightly more user-friendly experience for printing labels, there are some instances where it is necessary to be able to print the labels directly from Excel. For more information on printing labels as well as the numerous other features of Microsoft Excel and Word, check out a course like The Ultimate Microsoft Office Training Bundle.

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