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I have used Quicken since without problems. Subscribed to and worked OK after formatting for my 4K monitor. Since then font size varies with every window opened up. Either too large or too small. When using their LARGE font app to correct for small font size windows and returning to regular use all columns need to be reformatted again. What use to be an intuitive easy to use program is now a nightmare.

I can't recommend at all until they fix this problem. I have read through two years of Quicken reviews on this website. Mostly one or two stars. I would give zero stars if I could. Quicken has gone way downhill since being sold by Intuit to a private equity firm. I know how this works. Cut costs to the bone to improve profitability at the expense of users so they can put lipstick on this pig and sell it to someone else or do a stock IPO.

Quicken probably tries to do too much. The result is a convoluted menu system that is difficult to navigate as it is not intuitive. It can be difficult to figure out how to do some things and generate certain reports as the process can be rather circuitous. I have used many sophisticated software packages over a long career in finance. I consider myself to be a very competent and experienced user of financial software and online services. This is not about me being a technology neophyte.

Switching from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac

I have been getting error messages when trying to download my Fidelity account. I called the Quicken help desk and the tech rep had no clue. I spent more than 40 minutes, mostly on hold, and then the call just dropped. Quicken made no effort to follow up with me to address the problem and there was no notification on the website that there is a problem with Fidelity. When I called Fidelity help I was immediately told that there is a problem with Quicken and given a target date for when they hope to have it resolved. If they are depending upon help from Quicken, I doubt that they will be able to hit that target as I have already been trying to address this problem for over a week.

Several accounts are not downloading correct balances and are missing transactions. Quicken shows the correct online balance but that information is not being reflected in account registers. I do not even want to attempt to troubleshoot this problem with Quicken help as I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with incompetence.

I am looking for a replacement for Quicken. I have seen recommendations for other services, some of which are free. My son told me that his bank, one of the major US players, has a very good suite of personal finance software. I will check it out next week. Quicken has a nagging error where you are asked to change to a new release. When you check the box to show it no more, it continues to do it again. If you take your computer offline, and back up the data files to your local disk, Quicken asks you to log on to their data center.

That is none of their business. When you run their program as System Administrator, Quicken asks permission to modify your computer. Bad idea!!

I have used Quicken since it was first available. Many of us are actively looking for an alternative. Quicken, you are not doing well with customer satisfaction. I recently was told my subscription need to be renewed with online Quicken to keep my software updated. Since I do not buy the software each year I want to not renew. And now I have to login online account instead of using my quicken that is on my computer. It is such a pain so much wasted time. I have been a quicken customer for over 15 years and loved it but now with the new company ownership they have destroyed my trust in Quicken.

I just want to do my own budgeting with the current version I get but they keep asking me to renew to keep it upgraded.

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Not what I do. I look at upgrading every 2 to 3 years. I hate getting new software that fails and causing me headaches until they fix the issue. Sad days will need to look at another finance budget software. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have been a happy Quicken Bill Pay customer for 2 decades! I was recently, upon login, forced to upgrade from the version to the annual membership plan. There was no detailed information given that this upgrade would completely change the look of the software or require me to re-verify all of the banking information and freeze bill scheduling for the account that was previously established for years and years.

I switched on May 3 with Quicken telling me it would be business days to re-verify my banking information.

Quicken Bill Pay and Banking – Online Bill Payment – Wells Fargo

On May 17th I called back since I didn't have the two micro deposits necessary to complete the activation process They then created a ticket telling me they would escalate to the enrollment team who would reach out to me through email but, get this, could not give me any time frame as to when that would happen because they were "very behind". Over a week later, I get an email asking for a utility bill to verify address.


We recently moved, so of course I updated my address with Quicken BEFORE I scanned over the bill knowing mismatched addresses would create yet another red flag and delay. May 31st I get an email that my addresses do not match and they want a scanned copy of my social security card and birth certificate before allowing my accounts to be reactivated despite that fact that my 15th call to Quicken support proves the addresses DO match.

Who do they think they are? There is no way I am sending those people documents that anyone could use to steal my identity. Quicken was amazing, but y'all aren't worth that particular headache down the road. Oh, and don't think you can simply get a refund for all of this hassle and uselessness from Quicken Support. Since they farm everything out, you'll need to have your escalated ticket number handy, contact Quicken directly, and pray you get someone on the line you can understand. See ya Quicken! I used Quicken for many years and was very happy with it UNTIL they sold to another company.

I tried, unsuccessfully, numerous times to get the transaction downloads to work correctly but with each update the problem became worse. Quicken has no software support that I was able to find, simply a forum where other people can offer suggestions that might help. I find this ridiculous and certainly not helpful. I tried purchasing the latest version but quickly learned that it is now a subscription service that requires my financial information to be on the 'cloud'. I also found that it was even worse than the older version and I really dislike having my financial information on the 'cloud' as opposed to being stored on my own computer.

I requested, and received, my money back and I switched to a program called Moneydance.

How Quicken Bill Pay Works

While it doesn't do downloads to my banks yet it is resident on my computer and works well enough that I can track my bank accounts, financial investments, assets, liabilities, and generate the reports I need for tax purposes. I really wish that Quicken had remained with the original company as I feel it has become a completely useless program that causes more problems than it solves.

I have been an avid Quicken and Quicken Bill Pay for 20 years. My latest version Quicken was cancelled and I was forced told to upgrade and change to a subscription alternative under the claim that it would make the frequent upgrades easier. But it required discontinuing and setting up my Quicken bill pay account again - which has been a real pain. My latest version Quicken ver. I did upgrade, but after 2 weeks the bill pay account still has not been activated by the third party company that admins QBP even though my legacy account is still active with them.

Quicken for Windows

QBP support has offered no solutions, and cannot provide me with a timeline. Very sad, for I really do like the Quicken software and the old services.

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Quicken has blocked my access to data from my financial institution using I can not believe this is legal, but until it is resolved I needed a solution. I found GNUCash and for my simple tracking of checking, savings and credit cards it is perfect. Free, free, free. I have used Quicken for many years, upgrading when forced by company changes. The version is more than I need and I do not wish to upgrade. Quicken has now intentionally blocked access to downloads from my financial institutions. The file downloads into my computer but the Quicken software now prevents me from accessing it saying the institution cannot be verified!

I know this is my institution, my account information and believe Quicken should have no right to prevent me from continuing to use the software. I purchased it, my institution is happy to send me my information in the correct format, Quicken now actively blocks access to it.

I cannot believe this is legal. If this does not change, in the future, I will not purchase any of the many products I have been using from this company. This is borderline extortion! Stay away from products from this company in the future! When making new entries Quicken will not save them. When you go to reconcile the entry is not there.

Anyone have any suggestions? I've used Quicken since Why would I "trust" them with my financial data not to mention it will now be accessible only online? As it is, since updating to Quicken , I can no longer view daily changes to my portfolio holdings. The new option is less than this takeaway, it is no option - I refuse to be extorted into paying annually for the privilege of allowing bandits full access and control over my private financial records.

As others have reported, I've generally updated the software every years and depended on it to remain useful. Now it is nothing more than a checkbook ledger. See More Guides. Mac Pro Fall Apple Arcade Fall See Full Product Calendar. Apple this week updated its entry-level inch MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and Intel's latest 8th-generation Core quad-core processors, and benchmarks for the model are now beginning to Apple has reportedly "terminated" development of its widely rumored augmented reality glasses project, according to DigiTimes.

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Our Staff Arnold Kim. Eric Slivka. Juli Clover. Joe Rossignol. Marianne Schultz. A payee in Quicken Bill Pay means any company, service or individual you'll be paying through the service. A payee can be a utility, a bank for your mortgage loan, or it could be your landlord, for example. When setting up payees , you will provide basic information about the individual or the business you'll be paying, such as payment address and account number. Quicken saves this information in your payee list so you can make payments to that payee again in the future, so you only have to enter this information once.

The site will add your new payee to your Payee List so you can easily send payments to them electronically in the future. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our. Financial Software Personal Finance Apps.

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By Shelley Elmblad. The service has several useful features:. Email notifications get sent to you when bills arrive. Payments made online at the Quicken Bill Pay site get automatically transferred into Quicken desktop software. Set up repeating payments for bills that vary from month-to-month as well as fixed monthly amounts.