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Thanks for trying 5. I wish the error message was clearer, but as it comes from the JVM I don't think we have control over it. Ah , thanx - I saw a similar issue on a previous version , so I suspected java. But since I did update to the latest available version I thought maybe it was something else. Turns out ubuntu LaszloHont I think it should but it doesn't now.

Thanks for your posting. Elasticsearch will not pick java from path environment variable in windows. I am getting the following error:. Exception in thread "main" java. Here is a part of screenshot of my config of eclipse: java. CGraphicsEnvironment java. CPrinterJob java. I have spent a lot of time trying to get the version of JAVA used.

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From the above config file, it seems it is Java 8. How do I resolve this issue? Here, it's clear that you still have a java 1. JDK 7 or 7. And, finally, the Unsupported major. This error will not occur if you compile in JDK 7 and running in JDK 8 because Java is backward compatible but it won't work otherwise because higher version generally has features which are not supported by lower version.

I have written how do de al with UnsupportedClassVersionError in p ast but today we'll focus on dealing with this error in Eclipse. For example, if you are running your program in Eclipse and getting this error than what should you do? Or how do you solve this error in Eclipse? Before you solve this error you need to understand the Eclipse setup e.

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