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By clicking a button at the bottom of the screen, you see every email sent from or to them. The contact list on the left is sorted by the date of the last email and each person is displayed only once. If you love the idea of making email more like a chat app or social network, have a look at Unibox. Maybe it will for you. If your job is all about keeping track of sales contacts, then Polymail was designed for you. The app is free, but Pro, Team and Enterprise plans unlock additional advanced marketing features.

Work around to fix Outlook Exchange office 365 Authentication failed on Mac

But the free version has plenty of features and is worth considering on its own. Each contact has a clear avatar, and besides seeing the email you selected, you see some information about the contact, including social links, job description, and your past interaction with them. Emails and attachments are listed separately on the same list.

The app contains a lot of useful features, including read later and send later. You can unsubscribe from newsletters with a single click, and swipe messages away. But the real strength of this app is when you are dealing with your contacts in a sales context. When sending emails, you can get a jump start by using templates. You do this when composing the message by clicking on Follow Up and selecting the required number of days. Another highlight of the program is tracking and analytics.

The basic features are there in the free version, but you get a lot of extra detail when you upgrade. An activity feed allows you to view all of your tracking in one place.

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For more power, the app can integrate with Salesforce. Free from the Mac App Store. Learn more here. Still not sure if you need to spend money on an email client? Apple Mail is easy to set up, and easy to use. It supports swipe gestures, lets you sketch with your mouse, and even add your signature. And power users can use smart mailboxes and mailbox rules to organize and automate your email.

Google offers a second, quite different app, Google Inbox, which attempts to keep your email organized and easier to process. If you like these web interfaces, but prefer the experience of an app, you can, but not all options are free. And finally, there are web services that provide additional features to your email system, whether you use webmail or an email client. Two popular options are SaneBox and EmailPet. Mozilla Thunderbird comes to you from the people who create Firefox.

Thunderbird is easy to set up and customize, and it does more than just email. Another free option is Mailspring , which was formerly known as Nylas Mail. It comes with some nice-looking themes, including a dark mode, and it, too, works on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Mailspring is a more modern and professional app than Thunderbird and includes features such as conversation view, email scheduling and reminders, a unified inbox, touch and gesture support, and lightning-fast search. Pro features include templates, contact profiles and company overviews, follow-up reminders, message snoozing and actionable mailbox insights. That sounds a lot like Polymail, so this is one versatile program.

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Hi, I still use eudora on a mac but have to change. I like the multiple mail boxes, but most surveys dont mention that. Do you have suggestions for good handling of multiple boxes and how to transfer existing boxes. I wished that Eudora was still there for us to use. It was easy and at the time so much better than Mac Mail is today. Thanks Adrian for this very informative list — am trying out Spark, and finding it great so far!

Spark has privacy issues that should be pointed out. Thunderbird is not bug-free. After many, many years of loyalty, I now have to switch out of it because it is mis-behaving badly — on my mac. For example, clicking on a subject line could bring up the wrong email. And others. So because I have a number of local Thunderbird folders containing important stuff, I need to be able to import those folders into the new one whichever one it is.

I see that Airmail has good reviews — do you know if Airmail supports importing folders from Thunderbird? Hi Colin, sorry for the late reply. Sorry to hear Thunderbird has caused you grief. I used it without issue for years on Linux and Windows, but that was a year ago. Thank you for researching and presenting this information. Now I think I can figure out what to do. I was looking for the most secure email program.

I would think having the server empty after you download new mail is most secure, because hackers and advertisers are more likely to check your emails on the server. I also have Apple Mail running. The unintended consequence of downloading with Thunderbird with POP3 set to erase from the server was to erase the contents of my Apple Mail inbox.

So you have to decide. I think I will try Airmail 3. Yes, anyone running multiple devices or multiple email clients will quickly run into that limitation of using POP. When using IMAP, you can access and organize your information on as many devices as you like.

Technically, there is a higher security risk, but no more than storing your documents in Dropbox or iCloud. If you need maximum security, use POP on just one computer using just one email client. I disagree. The airmail messages list renders in tiny, grey font, impossible to read.

The iOS app seems great on my retina iPad though. Thanks for your feedback. I am extremely disappointed that you did not review Canary Mail. Hello, Thank you very much for this comprehensive list of reviews. I do have one question, I have been using Apple Mail for a long time for both personal and business, but the reason I came to this post was due to the fact that I cannot have images and pdfs attached as inline either when sending or receiving as this is a big problem in my business. Of the recommended alternatives above, do any of these also have that same issue? Thanks again.

It continuously has bugs and no point person to help you with a reasonable response. I disagree — Airmail is absolutely horrible software. I will surely miss Astro. By far, the best mail app for MacOS, and now owned by Slack. Astro was the only smart Inbox, which was able to learn and filter emails based on senders, topics… made it super easy to find important emails.

Spark is not bab, but Airmail definitively fails and has poor features.

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Airmail is great apart from the woeful search which is slow and frequently misses results. I also have to disagree with your comments on support. I found them rude and frustrating to deal with. No longer free or available through the AppStore. Free 14 days trial.

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Airmail has bugs and issues handling Google Groups. Have you tried which client syncs better with Google groups to send emails to your team? When I did I just used the web interface. Hello Adrian Thanks for the thorough job you ahve done with this post. Unfortunately, I am searching for something that will work better with my gmail account. The time I wasted on Opera Mail, which started badly when the first instruction was once in Opera browser to use drop down menu from Tools, which was not visible anywhere in my version of Opera.

Ah, well, Xmas is coming …. It might be good to note above that it requires OS I tried to find an earlier version butno luck! Hi Stephanie. Might be worth a try. Hi Gent. So far, Spark is the only email program that easily allows me to easily import mail from icloud, webmail, and Google with no issues. I have had multiple problems doing this with Apple Mail. Google seems to want to put half my emails in All Mail, bypassing the inbox completely.

So far, Spark has done the best job. For privacy, I use Proton Mail. Paid for and love it. Hi Gary. Gmail allows you to have emails in more than one place at a time. An email will always be there, and possibly somewhere else as well, the Inbox, or one or more folders. That can be handy, but is non-standard, and causes a headache for email clients who try to support it. Hi Does one of these email clients allows us to add tags to an email? Or the possibility to add attach a comment to an email? Hi Michel.

Thunderbird does allow you to add tags to email. There is a plugin for Thunderbird that allows you to add notes. You might want to check out Small Cube and their Mail Suite. Your email address will not be published. We receive more emails today than ever before Email remains one of the favorite ways to communicate online. Email has some security concerns Email is not particularly private.

Email is a client-server architecture Your email client is an application that downloads or synchronizes your email with a server. Most of us access multiple email addresses from multiple devices Many of us have several email addresses, and most of us access our email from several devices, including our smartphones. Email may seem out-of-date Email has been around for decades and can look out-of-date next to modern social networks and instant messaging apps.

Who Needs a Better Email Client? But if you relate to any of these comments, you may find that an alternative email client will make your life much easier: I receive so much email I find it hard to find the important ones. I have an overflowing inbox, and desperately need some tools to sort through it all and start to manage it better.

Whenever I need to respond to an email I procrastinate. If only my app would suggest what I should say.

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I seem to spend half my day dealing with email. Is there a way to speed up the process? I want something easier. I want an app fit for a power user. I need an email client that works better with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. Can we make email more like chat? I have to use a Windows PC at work and would prefer to use the same email client on both platforms.

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Here are the key criteria we looked at when evaluating: 1. How easy is it to install and set up the app? Is the app easy to use? Does the app help you clear your inbox and reply quickly? How does the app assist you to manage your email? Is the app cross-platform, or have a mobile version? How well does the app handle security issues? How much does the app cost? Peter on May 3, at am. Thank you Peter Reply. Sean on November 27, at am. I am going to take a look at the ones discussed in the article. John on June 4, at am. Hi- Spark has privacy issues that should be pointed out.

Thanks for the article! JP on July 5, at am. Thanks for pointing out, Karen. Colin Goldberg on July 1, at pm.

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Colin Goldberg Reply. Adrian Try on February 7, at am. F Wagner on July 9, at am. Hans on July 9, at pm. Great list. Paul on July 24, at pm. Carlyle on October 1, at pm. Mark on October 3, at pm. Cheers Reply. Nova P. You can cancel anytime or continue to use Office for a monthly charge. The free download gives you access to Outlook and the other Office programs for 30 days on up to five Macs or PCs.

You can also install the Office mobile apps on up to five tablets and five phones. You will get up to 1 TB of cloud storage per user for up to five users. If you have multiple devices and users in your household, you may find it of value. You don't need Microsoft Office to store files online. There are lots of ways to store and back up your files online. Office is a subscription service, meaning that you receive regular updates instead of purchasing and installing updates.

Outlook has its advantages, especially if you use it at work or at home. The cross-functionality between Mac, PC, tablet, and phone apps ease the learning curve. However, it isn't the only choice. Top Free Mac Email Programs. These programs retain email message copies on your Mac rather than on the cloud or webmail servers.

An advantage of these clients is that messages can be migrated to a different email client.